Dr. Zev Kaufman offers digital dental photography at our state-of-the-art dental office in New York, New York. In our efforts to help you reach and maintain your optimal level of oral health for life, we provide this service to our patients.

There are many dental imaging tools available today, some of which we use in our office on a regular basis. However, with this service, we forego those dental technologies, relying instead on digital photos. If you choose our dental photography, our prosthodontist will use a DSLR camera to take high-quality images of your teeth. We can take your photos quickly while in our office.

After taking your photo, our team will keep the images in our system. Every year or so, we will take another photo, so we can properly monitor your dental health through the years. It allows us to have a visual representation of changes that happen to your teeth and smile. This is an especially important service for at-risk patients who are likely to experience dental damage from tooth grinding, periodontal disease or decay.

Dr. Kaufman is an experienced dental photographer. In fact, many of his photos have been used in lectures and textbooks because of the high level of quality they exhibit. Are you interested in this service? Call to schedule your appointment at 212-758-2758 today.